Game Modes

From Vox Machinae Codex

There are four game modes currently implemented in Vox Machinae: two co-op and four competitive. Each of these modes offers a different set of objectives and offers different opportunities for strategy.

Bot Stomp

Aptly named Bot Stomp, take on waves of enemy grinders with a team of up to 4. Each wave of enemies has a commander, who will allow the wave to respawn their numbers. As the waves progress, difficulty increases with greater enemy numbers and uniquely buffed grinders such as the elite and guardian. See how many waves you can survive across the entire difficulty spectrum.


In Deathmatch mode, teams compete to destroy as many enemy GDRs as possible. Points are earned for successful destruction, while points are lost for friendly fire. Time and stock rules are available.


In this co-op mode, pilots must defend a convoy of trucks carrying valuable resources as they make their way to their destination. Stay on your toes: Your enemies won't hold back!

Gdr voxyball.png Hover Brawl

Hover Brawl, or VoxyBall, is just about the closest thing to a sport that Vox Machinae has ever seen. Guide the mysterious voxyball back to your team’s base using any combination of melee impacts and firepower. Each of Vox Machinae's weapons will affect the voxyball differently, so experimentation and tactics will be key to your team's success.


Teams compete to rescue the Salvage Grinder, or Decker, an AI-controlled GDR with powerful defensive capabilities. Points are earned for maintaining control over the Decker over a period of time. Enemy teams may destroy the Salvage, stopping the flow of points. Salvage games are broken into three phases:

  1. Capture: A Decker will appear somewhere on the map (indicated by a waypoint on the mini-map). Your team must be the first to destroy all three vehicles tethering the Decker in place. Once the Salvage is freed, it joins the team of any player within a radius that appears around it (multiple teams within the circle block capture until only one team remains inside).
  2. Defend: The Salvage is powerful, but it also moves slowly and has some of the least-intelligent AI in the game. The team controlling the Salvage must defend it from enemy fire at all costs, taking care not to get in the way (the Salvage will target enemy players obscured by friendlies and friendly fire without hesitation). Points are earned over time. Kill counts on enemy GDRs are not added to the team's score.
  3. Repeat: If an enemy team destroys the Salvage, points will no longer accrue. After a moment, a fresh Decker will spawn on the map and teams should scramble to capture it again, starting the cycle over.


Buildings and facilities litter Stockpile maps, with teams competing for control over each facility. Points are earned over time, with more points being earned for each facility under a team's control. This game mode is most similar to control-point game modes in other games. Positioning your GDR within the control radius of a facility (indicated by a dotted circle around it) will cause enemy control to reduce over time, then you can recapture the facility. Enemy GDRs in proximity will block capture. Each facility confers special benefits on the controlling team, making it easier to defend them.

  • Radar Station: Enemy teams can no longer see your team on the radar.
  • Coolant Plant: Your team's GDRs have increased heat capacity.
  • Armor Foundry: Your team gains more armor on their GDRs.
  • Assembly Line: Your teammates has a shorter wait in the hangar after being ejecting. Gets you back in the fight quicker.
  • Fuel Depot: Your team's GDRs refuel more quickly, allowing for greater mobility.