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In Vox Machinae, each player pilots a massive Wikipedia:Mecha known as a Grinder, or GDR. The Grinder is a chassis that each pilot's cockpit can swap interchangeably between; hence, each Grinder cockpit is identical. Each GDR has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, and a skilled pilot can usually pilot more than one kind of GDR. Specialists, who pilot only a single type of GDR, are often some of the deadliest pilots in the game. Each GDR typically comes equipped with a different set of weapons, which are modular and can be swapped out.


The Catalyst is a medium GDR, designed to act mainly in support roles during combat. Because of its weight and somewhat sluggish fuel regeneration it is not as maneuverable as other GDRs. However, it does benefit from a slight boost in cooling. Although the Catalyst does boast heavier armor than most other GDRs, it will seem sluggish and fragile as a front-line combatant.

The main benefit of piloting a Catalyst lays in its large “fixed” weapon mount, enabling it to equip 8x missiles, Skyjacker or the Hammer missile. The benefit of having a “fixed” weapon mount is that the weapon itself cannot be destroyed if a limb is removed. Since the Catalyst excels in a combat support role, most players tend to equip a Skyjacker or Hammer paired with a Railgun or in some cases a Large laser.

Tips and notes.

The Catalyst is not an ideal choice for beginners.

The right arm (the small weapon mount) of the Catalyst carries more armor plating than the more valuable left arm. During combat, it is a good idea to present this arm to the enemy as it will shield the torso and left arm.

A popular load-out for the Catalyst is: Railgun + Skyjacker + any small weapon

Recommended modules: Thermal Pump, Target Recognition, Coolant Flush, Backup Generator

Gdr Catalyst.png
Weight: Medium
Class: All-rounder
Top Speed: 25.0 m/s
Mounts: 1 XL, 1 Lg, 1 Sm
Special: Improved heat dissipation
Jump Jets
Boost time: 8 s
Refuel: 25 s
Default Loadout
Primary 1: Large Laser (Lg)
Primary 2: 8x Missile Pack (XL)
3x Missile Pack (Sm)


Packing a serious wallop, the Dredge is a highly defensive class capable of sustaining massive damage. Its impressive array of heavy weaponry and high heat capacity makes it an ideal choice for territory control. However, the Dredge is also the slowest and least maneuverable GDR in Vox.
Gdr Dredge.png
Weight: Heavy
Class: Defense
Top Speed: 22.2 m/s
Mounts: 1 XL, 1 Lg, 2 Sm
Special: Extremely strong armor plating
Jump Jets
Boost time: 20 s
Refuel: 45 s
Default Loadout
Primary 1: Small Cannon (Sm)
Small Cannon (Sm)
Large Cannon (Lg)
Primary 2: 8x Missile Pack (XL)


The Drill is the lightest and most maneuverable GDR. Its tripod legs enable it to traverse terrain quickly, and its improved vertical jet capabilities allow it to access routes other GDRs can't handle. Additionally, the Drill comes equipped with a powerful rapid-fire drill weapon which can cause devastating blows to enemy GDRs unlucky enough to find themselves below it.
Gdr Drill.png
Weight: Light
Class: Support/Pick
Top Speed: 50.0 m/s
Mounts: 0 XL, 1 Lg, 0 Sm
Special: Increased vertical jet power
Powerful bottom-mounted drill weapon
Jump Jets
Boost time: 4 s
Refuel: 7 s
Default Loadout
Primary 1: Drill (Sp)
Primary 2: Railgun (Lg)


Cow catcher in front, train whistle horn blast, charging recklessly into enemy GDRs... these are the hallmarks of the Goldrush. Its superior forward armor and powerful front ram make it a particularly troublesome foe. Since it doesn't take damage from smashing into other GDRs, the Goldrush is an ideal close-quarters combatant.

Unlike other GDRs, the Goldrush's weapons cannot be knocked off by severing their supporting arm—it has no arms!

Gdr Goldrush.png
Weight: Mid-Light
Class: Attack
Top Speed: 30.3 m/s
Mounts: 0 XL, 1 Lg, 2 Sm
Special: Very strong forward armor
Does not take damage from ramming
Jump Jets
Boost time: 7 s
Refuel: 26 s
Default Loadout
Primary 1: Minigun (Sm)
Minigun (Sm)
Primary 2: Scattershot (Lg)


The Hopper can often be found soaring above the battlefield, raining hell upon enemy GDRs from the sky. The Hopper has powerful aerial maneuvering capabilities combined with a relatively low profile, and as such can be difficult to slap back down to the ground.
Gdr Hopper.png
Weight: Light
Class: Support
Top Speed: 37.4 m/s
Mounts: 0 XL, 0 Lg, 3 Sm
Special: Improved jet refueling
Jump Jets
Boost time: 8 s
Refuel: 14 s
Default Loadout
Primary 1: Small Laser (Sm)
Small Laser (Sm)
Primary 2: 3x Missile Pack (Sm)


The Overhaul is the epitome of a glass cannon: two extra-large weapons mounted to the shoulders of this fragile Medium-frame GDR. Its unique Hummingbird jump jets allow it to hover effortlessly in the sky at the cost of maneuverability while on the ground. The ability to wield two XL weapons often gives the Overhaul the edge in raw firepower, but pilots must be careful to position themselves well so as not to get overwhelmed by flanking enemies.
VoxM icon.png
Weight: Medium
Class: Support/pick
Top Speed: Unknown m/s
Mounts: 2 XL, 0 Lg, 0 Sm
Special: Hummingbird jump jets
Jump Jets
Boost time: Unknown s
Refuel: Unknown s
Default Loadout
Primary 1: 8x Missile Pack (XL)
Primary 2: 8x Missile Pack (XL)


The Rook packs two Large weapons into a Medium frame—not the GDR you want to see charging at you. Due to its size, it can quickly overheat thanks to its heavy arsenal. The Rook specializes in making its presence known by landing massive amounts of damage, then strafing away to safety. While not quite as agile as the Catalyst, its burst damage and strafing abilities more than compensate.
Gdr Rook.png
Weight: Medium
Class: Attack
Top Speed: 25 m/s
Mounts: 0 XL, 2 Lg, 0 Sm
Special: Powerful strafe jets
Jump Jets
Boost time: Unknown s
Refuel: Unknown s
Default Loadout
Primary 1: Large Cannon (Lg)
Large Cannon (Lg)
Primary 2: n/a