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Welcome to the Vox Machinae Codex!

The Codex is a community-powered wiki for players of Vox Machinae. Since the game is in early access information may not be fully up-to-date, but our wonderful Contributors work to ensure the information is as accurate as possible!

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Latest Content Update

Lockdown Update

September 26 - TonyDanza

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Our latest update is all about raising the quality bar of our game. Though there's plenty new toys to play with, we wanted to focus on improving both the visuals and audio of the VOX experience. Have a look at what you can expect next time you boot up our brand of stompy bot action:
Scattershot Reborn.png Scattershot is Reborn
Scattershot is like a whole new beast to behold. It now features a powerful punch, with dangerous heat buildup, a narrower spread, as well as faster-moving pellets. There's all-new special effects and sounds to go along with it too, to help accentuate its presence. Now it's truly the boom stick it was always meant to be.
Audio Remaster.png Audio Remaster
Our crack audio team has been hard at work holistically improving the audio experience in Vox Machinae. It starts with a full Remaster and Rebalance, dedicated sub channel, as well as rebalancing of spatial audio. There's a tonne of new sounds for Scattershot, Railgun, Minigun, Hammer, and Skyjacker. Various gameplay cue audio has now been added, such as weapon swaps, match win/loss, jumpjet velocity rattles, game start sound, and fun secret stuff too. Grinders have seen a vast audio improvement to help complement their mass with various creaks, scrapes, jostles and thuds. It's truly a feast for the ears, and we hope you like it.

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