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Welcome to the Vox Machinae Codex!

The Codex is a community-powered wiki for players of Vox Machinae. Since the game is in early access information may not be fully up-to-date, but our wonderful Contributors work to ensure the information is as accurate as possible!

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Latest Content Update

Comrades Update (…and Hover Brawl too!)

March 25 - TonyDanza

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These are challenging times, so we here at Space Bullet would like to stoke the spirit of perseverance with our Comrade Update for Vox Machinae. Front and center is our new Comrade System, our cross-platform friends/ignore list that seeks to encourage in-game gatherings locked in the heat of glorious grinder combat. Additionally, upgraded visual fidelity (improved shadows and 3D menu), a new sports-inspired game mode, and lovingly reengineered underpinnings all make for our most performant and laboured update yet.
VoxM Comrades.png Comrades System
Our new cross-platform friends/ignore system is finally here to help you organise with your fellow grinder pilots. The new profile menu lets you check out the status of your VOX comrades, join the server they're in, and keep tabs on ignored players too. Personalise your pilot's profile with a visual icon that will show up in-game and in-radar to your team. Additionally, ignored players will now persist across sessions as well as servers and are automatically muted so they’ll never bother you again. We also took this opportunity to move loadout editing and your pilot settings into the profile menu.
VoxM Hover Brawl.png Hover Brawl Game Mode
Hover Brawl is here, and it's just about the closest thing to a sport that Vox Machinae has ever seen. Guide the mysterious voxy ball back to your team's base using any combination of melee impacts and firepower. Each of Vox Machinae's weapons will affect the voxy ball differently, so experimentation and tactics will be key to your team's success.

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How do I get started?

Contributing is as easy as clicking the "edit" button at the top of any page! Check out the ToDo page to see what needs to be added to the wiki. You can also log in or create an account (recommended) to keep track of your edits, subscribe to pages, and more!

How can I support the Codex?

As a community-run wiki, the best way to support us is to contribute. The site is powered by Miraheze, so any financial contributions should go to them to keep this site running!