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On this page, recent patches for Vox Machinae may be found. Information is usually copied verbatim from the Steam News page.

This page is archived every six months. For older patch notes, please see Patch History/Archive.

Valve Index Controller - Update and Important Info[edit]

July 4 - TonyDanza

We've just published a patch that improves Valve Index controller support. This update uses the finger sensors to grab objects instead of the force sensor and results in a much more comfortable experience. It also enables use of the A buttons and thumbsticks, which previously were not mappable.

If you have modified the controller mapping using the Steam VR mapping editor, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you switch to the official mapping in order to be able to use the grip properly. You can then make any modifications you like to this new mapping (you are also able to edit the mapping using the in-game menu). For new players and those who have not edited the mapping this should (hopefully) happen automatically.

The default controls for Index controllers have changed a little bit. The menu is now operated with the Left Thumbstick and Right A/B buttons for Select/Back. Aiming on the scope is now mapped to Right Thumbstick by default. All other inputs remain the same.

Tutorials and weapon grouping prompts now also feature graphics specifically for the Index controllers.

This update does not add full finger tracking, which we do hope to incorporate in the future.

Also, due to a game engine upgrade this patch is unfortunately fairly large, and we do apologize for the inconvenience this might cause.

If your grip is NOT working after the update, please follow these instructions:

  1. open Steam VR
  2. click the menu symbol in the top left corner
  3. Pick Devices > Configure Controller
  4. click Vox Machinae
  5. under Current Controller, ensure Index Controller is selected
  6. under Current Binding, ensure Vox Machinae Index Controller Mapping is selected
  7. if not currently selected, find it in the list underneath and click View, then Select This Binding

See below for the full patch notes:
0.33.2 alpha

  • Fix controller prompt for left trackpad press incorrectly showing left thumbstick press.
  • Valve Index: Add controller graphics for Valve Index controllers.
  • Valve Index: Added custom Steam VR controller profile for Valve Index controllers. Now able to use A buttons and thumbsticks. Grip has been changed from force sensor to capacitive touch sensor for more natural grabbing.
  • Valve Index: The menu is now operated with the Left Thumbstick to navigate and Right A/B buttons for select/back.
  • Valve Index: If you have made your own Steam VR controller mapping, we recommend using the new default mapping for the best experience and to ensure you have access to all controller buttons.
  • Valve Index: Default controller mapping has changed. Aiming now defaults to right thumbstick. If you have edited the controller mapping using the in-game menu, we recommend resetting the mapping for each controller.

0.33.3 alpha

  • Fix some errors that could occur during Convoy mode.
  • Fix error that could occur when Oculus Touch controller runs out of battery.
  • Adjust grabbing thresholds. Grabs when 80% depressed, releases when 20% depressed.

0.33.4 alpha

  • Add settings for motion control grip grab and release threshold.
  • Add setting to disable hand tracking.
  • Hands will no longer snap to default position when an untracked controller is moved/pressed. Please use the "hand tracking" setting if you have tracked controllers that cannot easily be turned off and want to use traditional inputs.

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