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On this page, recent patches for Vox Machinae may be found. Information is usually copied verbatim from the Steam News page.

This page is archived every six months. For older patch notes, please see Patch History/Archive.

Patch Notes - 1.1.1 Patch

July 6 - SpaceJakub

1.1.1 Patch

  • Fixed TTS dialog saying the fuel station has been neutralized for all bases in stockpile.
  • Fixed rook having a damage multiplier applied on its cockpit.
  • Fixed Hoverbrawl matches from getting stuck in overtime with uneven points.
  • Fixed waypoints from hoverbrawl persisting between gamemodes.
  • Fixed missile spread behavior to behave correctly again.
  • Rook training now gives more explicit jumpjet instructions
  • Fixed a spawnpoint in Blast Chamber potentially spawning a grinder in too close to the terrain.
  • Improved the new AI buddy speech variations. They're now less repetitive and have clearer syntax.
  • During Overhaul training's timed section, a countdown timer is now displayed for clarity.
  • Fix for AI buddy dialogue saying the player has lost when they won a free-for-all game mode match.

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