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On this page, recent patches for Vox Machinae may be found. Information is usually copied verbatim from the Steam News page.

This page is archived every six months. For older patch notes, please see Patch History/Archive.

Patch Notes - 0.38.2 alpha

April 28 - TonyDanza

Just some small fixes. We've also updated the game engine under the hood, let us know if you run into any problems.

0.38.2 alpha

  • Fix VR blinders not working.
  • Fix destroyed limbs remaining missing when the loadout is changed after returning to the Hangar.
  • Fix problem where the previous match objective screen would stay up for too long.
  • Fix error that could prevent proper display/progression on the headset calibration screen when using Index Controllers.

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Patch Notes - 0.38.1 alpha

March 23 - TonyDanza

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! Coming at you like Lightning.png with a bug fix patch.

0.38.1 alpha

  • Add extra checks for differently-named VKB Gladiator NXT joysticks.
  • Fix a crash that could happen when starting the game.
  • Fix some menu elements getting stuck if reading the "What's New" during a match.
  • Fix a case where the Objective/Score screen would not update properly.
  • Fix some cases of dialog being cut off in training missions.
  • Increase audible range of missile launch sounds.
  • Auxiliary Pump: No longer causes a delay in powering up. Fuel generation starts once completely shut down. (will take effect on dedicated game servers in the next day or two)

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Training Day Update

March 11 - TonyDanza

VoxM Training Day Update.jpg

We're kicking off our first major update to Vox Machinae of 2021 today, with our Training Day Update. The main focus is on providing our new players with the tools to learn all about our grinders, weapons and modes. Experienced players need not fret though, there's plenty of meat on the bone of this release with lots of tweaks, improvements and features to help advance the state of the game. Take a gander, we hope you enjoy our latest!

Tutorials.png Tutorials

Everyone has to learn the basics at some point, after all, a good understanding of VOX’s mechanics is key to prolonged enjoyment. We’re grateful to our many dedicated players who continue to take it upon themselves to spread the VOX knowledge base. We’d like to pitch in and make this process a little easier so we’ve developed in-game training missions and info briefings that cover a wide variety of topics. Here’s a listy taste of the training goodness:

  • Advanced Grinder tutorials
  • Advanced Weapon tutorials
  • Briefings covering all game modes
  • Informative reticle briefing

Enhanced Music.png Enhanced Music

Our iconic Hangar background musical track is receiving some more love, with additional variety depending on which menu the player is currently in. Cryptic Tundra now features its very own brand-new track, so prepare to get jammin’! Sound effects added for our convoy trucks, changing grinder weapons/loadouts, and ambient audio for our factories.

Reticle Depth.png Reticle Depth

Because VOX’s giant robots have arms with guns training on targets at varying distances, they must aim at a single point in space. This convergence ensures their beefy guns hit their intended target accurately. Some cases of convergence are especially tricky such as when leading a target, because you have to aim some distance ahead to account for travel time. With this update, the game can now figure out which is your intended target and set the convergence distance plane accordingly for a more natural aiming experience, even while leading.

Multiple SMs.png Multiple Master Servers are GO

Everyone who looks for an online match in VOX asks our master server for a nice up-to-date list of the matches and players currently active. In rare situations reaching the master server for a query can be a bit hit or miss, so we’re introducing additional master servers to better distribute global coverage for more robust access.

Radar Changes.png Radar Module Changes

We felt our radar modules weren’t getting the playtime they deserved, so we went in and retooled them to give players a better bang for the buck. Signal boost has been merged into Absorbent Coating, and you will now receive both effects while you aren’t moving too much. Target Recognition now shows overheated grinders and can detect enemy hammer missiles, too.

Drill Goldrush Tweaks.png Drill and Goldrush Tweaks

Drill’s fuel capacity has been increased to allow for farther reaching jumps between drills. Speaking of arial capabilities, its jets have been tweaked for added air control. In other news, we’ve instructed the Hangar technicians to slap thicker armour plating on the top surface of Goldrush. Players should now be able to take a few more dings to this previously “squishy” part of its body.

Wrapping Up

And as always, our new update comes jam-packed with our usual bevy of fixes, improvements and tweaks to that winning VOX formula. We even sneaked in a few extra secret goodies, so keep a lookout for those buried deep within. Thanks for your continued support, we’ll see you on the battlefield.

Full Patch Notes:

New Stuff

  • Added training missions for all Grinders.
  • Added advanced weapons training missions.
  • Added reticle training.
  • Increased armor on sections of Goldrush roof.
  • Increase Drill fuel capacity.
  • Increase Drill horizontal jet strength.
  • Jumping on a lightning spire now triggers lightning to strike.
  • Lightning charge now restores fuel even while using jets.
  • Friendly hammer missiles show on the radar as little x's.
  • Signal Boost module removed and its effects have been added to Absorbent Coating. The Signal Boost part now triggers while not moving and no longer requires shutting down.
  • Target Recognition module now shows overheated GDRs as blinking symbols on the radar.
  • Target Recognition module can detect enemy hammer missiles.
  • After ejecting, you can now see your damaged Grinder in the Hangar.
  • When not aiming directly over an enemy, the aiming reticle will set its depth to the most prominent enemy. The selection is based on how close the enemy is to your aiming direction, and how close they are to you. This helps weapons converge on a specific point in space when leading shots on moving targets.
  • Deployed multiple master servers to greatly reduce chance of seeing the "Master server not responding" message.
  • Updated game engine VR libraries, and changed recentering method to a more standard one (should help headsets with camera-based tracking).
  • Thrustmaster TCA Airbus now recognized in both Pilot and Copilot modes.

Art and Audio

  • Added some mountain-crystals to Serpent Plains.
  • Audio tuning and balancing.
  • New unique music for Cryptic Tundra.
  • Add engine audio for Rebel and Piggy vehicles.
  • Hangar music gets more exciting when starting or looking for a match.
  • Added audio when changing Loadout and Grinder.
  • Added ambient audio to stockpile buildings.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix cockpits and weapons disappearing on screen while the zoom scope is closing.
  • Fix effects not appearing on Hammer missiles that were launched before you spawn into the level.
  • Fix some visual glitches that could happen when multiple people are talking on the comms screen.
  • Fix side monitors getting stuck and not moving with hand grabbing.
  • Fix facing the wrong way when returning from Free Look mode.
  • Fix reticle not changing color when aiming at some parts of vehicles.
  • Fix emissive parts of levels not glowing in the distance.
  • Fix a rare error that could cause AI Buddy speech to stop working.
  • Fix cables on the left chair column not moving correctly.
  • Fix scoreboard sometimes showing 0 score for all teams.
  • Fix pilots disappearing into background on comms screen if leaning back very far.
  • Fix problem with Skyjacker weapon which caused inconsistent proximity detonate distance.
  • Fix modules not enabling sometimes (hopefully for real this time).
  • Destroyed armor plates will now be correctly in sync for Grinders that were already spawned before you join a server.

Even More Things

  • Fixed swapped controller prompts for mouse forward/back side buttons.
  • Updated Vox Machinae logo on monitor splash screen.
  • Fix incorrect controller prompt symbol for motion controller trackpad in the menu.
  • Added auto-recenter headset on launch, can be disabled in Video settings.

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Patch Notes - 0.37.6 alpha

February 2 - TonyDanza

Just a little patch today.
We are working on an update for later this month, stay tuned!

0.37.6 alpha

  • Add support for VKB Gladiator NXT (Left) joystick.
  • Fix bug which could prevent obtaining a cloud server in a requested region far away from you.
  • Fix bug which could cause some modules to stop working.
  • Fix bug which allowed seasonal hats to continue to display outside of their designated time.
  • Fix "almost done" music in Bot Stomp from playing too early.
  • Fixed some audio errors being added to the log file (did not affect gameplay).

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