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On this page, recent patches for Vox Machinae may be found. Information is usually copied verbatim from the Steam News page.

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Hoverbrawl Content Update

June 29 - TonyDanza

VoxM Hoverbrawl 20.jpg

Our latest content update is live; with an overhauled hoverbrawl, playable robots, and new AI buddy to help you.

Hoverbrawl 2.0 is Here Today.

Our latest content update is out now so let’s talk about it's main feature; Hoverbrawl 2.0. Yeah you read right, we’ve taken our frustrating soccer-style game mode and are making it tolerable great! Heck, even the bots weren't quite sure how to play the old one. That’s why we’re building out a whole new core concept to hoverbrawl and unifying the mechanics in an all-hands effort to make it the most fun mode in VOX. In the old version of hoverbrawl the ball wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to bat around. Not only did it hover frustratingly too high to interact with terrain/players, it was also difficult to get going in the direction it needed to go. How is hoverbrawl 2.0 different/better? Read on to find out!

Key Improvements:

New objective
Players must now take the ball/mine to the enemy’s factory and destroy it with the mine to score. Not only will this allow players to keep a forward momentum rather than backtracking, it will also encourage defensive roles to keep enemy balls away.

2 Balls are better than 1
We decided this mode needed more chaos and less players crammed into the same exact spot. Keeping track of loose balls and sneaky tactics is now a thing, so players stay vigilant!

Loose Balls
Only captured balls with carriers are able to float gently in the breeze. loose balls just kinda roll around which allows for more emergent opportunities to punt, shoot and redirect the ball to glory.

Shoot the balls
Shooting loose and carried balls will affect both differently depending on the weapon used. This was a thing in ye-old hoverbrawl, though tbh we kinda broke a bunch of that with our campaign update. Now, not only do they all actually work; we also tuned those effects tightly and added a unique wrinkle to our most underused weapon.

Carrying the ball into the enemy’s factory will net your team the traditional 5 points. Loose balls can be blasted into an enemy’s factory at range, which will award all teams 3 points except the team who’s factory just exploded to bits.

And much more!
Check out our previous announcement to read up on all the other exciting improvements coming along with this release. In fact here's a handy dandy link that will take you right there

In Conclusion

So there ya have it. Lots of very deep changes to hoverbrawl, out now with this latest content update. We’ve been playing around with this mode for well over a month now internally, and honestly it’s some of the most fun we’ve had with the game in a long time. We keep discovering new tactics, wrinkles, possibilities, loadout cheats, counters, the list goes on. We’re stoked to finally be releasing it to all you excellent folks, and we look forward to seeing where you take it.

New Stuff:

  • 🏆 All campaign missions now feature a new achievement for completing each one. This will allow players to resume progress if the game needs reinstalling.
  • Hoverbrawl 2.0 - More balls, more fun, now with carriers.
  • Robo Avatars - be the robot. Only for those who've completed SP or our core tutorials.
  • A new AI Buddy is unlocked for MP once players complete the Campaign
  • New dialogue options for BLUE and RED for multiplayer, plus variations.


  • Adjusted default loadout for mission "Shipstorm"
  • Adjusted lightning spires for Topaz Twilight for an easier time getting that sweet lightning buff
  • 💬 In most Intermissions, some quests that were previously mandatory to complete are now optional.
  • 👹 The first boss fight now prevents the player from leaving the battle area.


  • 🎬🪧 adding VO cast and additional thanks to the credits menu. Titles and names have been updated with depth and colour seperation so they're more clear.
  • 🚀 Hammers will be feared once more. They benefit from explosion damage consistency, and their health has been increased in all cases.
  • Explosive damage model updated to deliver damage more consistently. Explosive-based weapon damage values rebalanced accordingly.
  • Team 4's colour changed from yellow to orange for legibility.
  • Added support for the latest version of Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • 🛬💥 Adjusted ramming collision logic to be more... impactful.
  • 🔎👀 Fixed convergence issues, where grinder limbs would lag behind or never fully rotate to look where the player's targeting reticle is.
  • 🎆 Fixed an uncommon bug where Lasers and Projectiles would not apply force when hitting an object, if that object was not explicitly damageable.
  • 😵‍💫 Adjusted values for Hopper to reduce the amount of cockpit jitter.
  • After finishing a training mission it no longer brings you to a disconnect screen.
  • Salvage no longer spawns at the very edge of a level causing 1 truck being in a bad spot.
  • Fixed spawns in many levels where the player would spawn facing a wall.
  • Locked headgear once again show a description of how to unlock them.

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Update notes for patch 1.0.6

March 24 - TonyDanza

1.0.6 release

  • Added Instructions on how to exit a seat for the first time a player sits.
  • It is now possible to skip to the next Mission when in an intermission from the in-game menu.
  • Default Smooth turning speed increased from Slowest to Medium. For in ship movement
  • Remapping you aim settings no longer makes it not possible to turn in the ship
  • Movement Input blocked while operating the floating menu in the ship
  • The stampcard in "Clocking Out" is held less weird by the player.
  • Fixed Issue where Neberu would be holding her hand out for the stampcard early after bringing the watch to Hans.
  • Fixed a issue in "Bump in the Night" where interacting with a vent while a character was speaking could block progression
  • Characters Lipsync correctly for words with 's in them
  • Fixed floating rocks appearing in the hole of some launch tunnels in campaign missions
  • Removed many floating rocks from the final tunnel in "Dissolution"
  • Fixed AI Controlled grinders in hoverbrawl being unable to move after respawning in hoverbrawl
  • Fixed some lighting issues with the voxyball in Hoverbrawl
  • Fixed an issue where a grinders arm would get stuck in a specific rotation after getting damaged
  • Fixed an issue where your grinder in the hangar would display as missing all limbs despite not losing all limbs.
  • Added support for L-VPC Throttle MT-50CM3

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Patch Notes - 1.0.5 release

March 17 - TonyDanza

1.0.5 release

  • Fixed a case where Donny could become stuck while jumping in Mission 1.
  • Diesel's diary no longer appears invisible when handing it to him in Intermission 1.
  • Added controller prompt for going to sleep in Intermission 1.
  • Added visual guide towards the briefing in Mission 2.
  • Changed default grinder in Mission 3.
  • Fixed incorrect default weapon grouping on Dredge loadout in Mission 4.
  • Fixed some AI oddities in friendly grinders in Mission 5.
  • Moved final checkpoint in Mission 5 to after the dialogue, to get back to the action quicker.
  • Added visual indicators to vents in Intermission 5 when they should be interacted with, and remove vents that have already been used.
  • Fixed case of two characters standing in the same location in Intermission 6.
  • Fixed some cases where controller prompts and mission instructions could overlap each other.
  • Battle damage now visible on your grinder while riding the elevator out of the hangar.
  • Loadouts and health now persist when continuing from a mission checkpoint. Health is restored gradually on each successive failure.
  • Increased health of hammer missile.
  • Various adjustments to Intermissions to improve confusing elements.
  • Fixed some subtitles that did not match dialogue.
  • Multiplayer briefings now play correctly when joining a match that is already in progress.
  • BLUE now correctly says Vehicle destroyed instead of Grinder when destroying a vehicle.
  • Add support for T.Flight Stick X joystick.
  • Add support for L-VPC ThrottleMT-50CM3 throttle.
  • Add support for VPC Rudder Pedals.
  • Add Support for R-VPC Stick WarBRD.

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Patch Notes - 1.0.3 release

March 7 - TonyDanza

Hello, Pilots!
This patch fixes the now infamous bug where the player's head can end up inside their body, not fun!
This could also sometimes be seen as the player standing on their seat in the hangar or cockpit.
We had a lot of trouble tracking down this bug due to it being affected by loading time and therefor specific to certain hardware.
Thanks for your patience while we worked this one out.

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Vox Machinae V1.0 Update is LIVE

March 3 - TonyDanza

VoxM 10 Live.jpg

A brand-new epic story awaits you with our biggest update ever. Get it while it's hot, and before the price goes up!

Our Biggest Update, Ever.

We've just released our V1.0 update, featuring a brand-new singleplayer campaign. Here's what's in store:

  • An epic story, with ~10+ hours of gameplay content.
  • Uncover the mysteries of the Serus System as your ragtag crew planet hop to protect your mining company's assets.
  • Board the Competence, a fully traversable ship, with lots of movement options.
  • Fully voiced cast of colourful characters you'll interact with.
  • Huge boss battles
  • Witness the massive RIG, a walking beast of a mining machine.
  • All new soundtrack sets the tone and compliments all the action.

Vox Machinae will be coming out of Early Access on March 10th, and along with that we will be increasing the price to reflect this giant leap forward in value.

We'd like to thank everyone in our community for sticking with us over the years and helping make our game the must-have VR mech experience it is today.

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