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Hoverbrawl Content Update

June 29 - TonyDanza

VoxM Hoverbrawl 20.jpg

Our latest content update is live; with an overhauled hoverbrawl, playable robots, and new AI buddy to help you.

Hoverbrawl 2.0 is Here Today.

Our latest content update is out now so let’s talk about it's main feature; Hoverbrawl 2.0. Yeah you read right, we’ve taken our frustrating soccer-style game mode and are making it tolerable great! Heck, even the bots weren't quite sure how to play the old one. That’s why we’re building out a whole new core concept to hoverbrawl and unifying the mechanics in an all-hands effort to make it the most fun mode in VOX. In the old version of hoverbrawl the ball wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to bat around. Not only did it hover frustratingly too high to interact with terrain/players, it was also difficult to get going in the direction it needed to go. How is hoverbrawl 2.0 different/better? Read on to find out!

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