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Description and Story

Take command and pilot a giant fighting machine in an escalating war between powerful corporations. Select your GDR ("Grinder") chassis and customize it with a powerful arsenal of lasers, missiles, cannons and more as you’re pitted against rival Grinder squads. Engage in seamless drop-in multiplayer action with no loot-box or micro-transaction nonsense. Vox Machinae respects your time, and your wallet.

Earth's resources have been depleted. People try to migrate to where there is work, but many end up detained in border camps living off what scraps the governments are able to provide. Powerful corporations explore the heavens in search of raw materials. You are one of the lucky few to be a certified pilot of a giant grinder. Able to cross rough alien landscapes, these massive machines enabling you to take on the distant mining jobs. Rivalry between the corporations is heating up, your job is about to get a lot more dangerous.


  • A weighty tactical VR simulator blended with responsive action
  • Crossplay between PC VR (Rift/Vive/MR) and desktops across Steam and Oculus Store.
  • Play offline, on a local network, or online with drop-in support and up to 16 players.
  • Be the pilot and immerse yourself with a full avatar body and motion control operations.
  • Pick from 5 customizable grinders and deck them out with an array of devastating weaponry.
  • Work with your team to recover and protect the monolithic Decker machine in Salvage mode.
  • Control the majority of 5 factories dotting the map and reap their benefits in Stockpile Mode.
  • Coordinate the battle plan with your team using unique visual VOIP comms.
  • Hone your skills with full bot support across all gameplay modes.

Product Information

Vox Machinae

Mech combat simulation in virtual reality.

Release Date: September 26, 2018
Announced Platforms: PC VR (Rift/Vive/WMR) and Desktops
Website: http://www.voxmachinae.com/
Regular Price: $29.99 USD

Purchase Options

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Steam Oculus Rift

Developer Information

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Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation

Creating games that are a far departure from the ordinary.

Founded: July 12, 2010
Based in: Vancouver, Canada
Website: http://www.space-bullet.com/
Contact: contact@space-bullet.com